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A Short History of the Universe.


'Hello Universe' is the fat, screaming baby of its parent company, 'Fuse Adventures In Audio', a music & sound production house with a 17-year track record of producing premium audio, hit songs, and kickass interactive sonic experiences.  


We're a bunch of gamers who have spent many years grinding in the music industry, broadcast advertising and branding worlds.


We've created music & audio in countless global campaigns, built up a ton of XP, and now we have some pretty rare stats.


We finally decided to wield our weapons of expertise in the gaming arena.

We're bringing a fresh take on sound for games and we're on a mission to power up any aspects of games across this industry of explosive creativity.

Audio is just one part of our skill-tree. We also look to discover the core truths of a game by breaking down its gameplay, story, characters, look & feel, themes and overall tone, and hope to work alongside devs to bring games to life.   

We just wanna have fu-un. 

Our Mission and Philosophy.

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