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Business Development Manager

There is no hero class to describe this photographer, writer, blogger, translator, designer and marketer. So we call him 'The Business'. Aqmal is a swiss army knife of ideas, and a social media whiz . When he's not shooting food, models and journalism photos, he's shooting suckers in Fortnite. Do have a cup of tea with this fine chap.


Aida Khalid

Executive Producer / Founder

The super producer who gets the work out the door. In her previous lives, she's headed production teams in VFX, audio (yep!) and advertising. She's written and directed on TV shows & short films. A rare creature with a creative mind and wicked 'get it done' skills.


Jon Daou

Creative Director / Composer

This guy just won't sit still. In his 15-year composing career, he's written award-winning scores for short film and advertising, created music for prominent fashion shows, art installations, contemporary dance performances, theatre shows and - you guessed it... even a few games. He's also a voice actor for games & TV commercials.

Tell Jon a good joke, and you'll be in his good books. 


Colin Pereira


This guy is a walking encyclopedia of music. One that giggles on a regular basis. He made a career out of his musical obsession. After a stint as an account director at an ad agency, this raver ripped off his shirt & tie and started running music gigs & eventually managing musical acts, alongside Jimmy. In more recent years, he provides music supervision for advertising.



Sound Designer / Founder

Jinn 'The Jinnius' Wong is a hardcore, award-winning sound designer & audio engineer. His golden ears have spent more than 14 years kicking ass in the audio post production industry. His credit list in advertising, documentaries, short films & games is longer than a CVS receipt. When he's not slaying projects in the studio, you'll find him hunting on Hearthstone.


Jimmy Tan


Jimmy is the motorcycle ridin' badass who still ain't too tough to play Angry Birds. In his illustrious past, he's been a programmer, event manager, art director and audio post producer. He also heads up a studio team who produce pop & hip hop hits. He's a man with a plan, who loves solving problems. So we make it a point to give him lots of them.

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